Devron Chambers

Me Learning. You Knowing.

In my previous role, I was in charge of the project management for a team that was responsible for delivering digital solutions within the organization to help improve workflow management through the use of digital tools. This team was also responsible for delivering internal and external digital advertising campaigns to increase awareness of the organization’s mission.

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I have managed over 20+ digital projects including: Enterprise Social Networks, Enterprise Social Media Initiatives, Enterprise Content Management, Digital Marketing Campaigns and IT Business Systems. I’ve engaged stakeholders, understood visions and assembled well-blended teams that have executed the aforementioned projects.

Below is copy of resume. I hope that you are impressed with my background and am looking forward to hearing back from you with a possible interview.

 Thinking of master project plan.

Thinking of master project plan.

Digital Project Manager, Acorda Therapeutics, Ardsley, NY

June 2014—April 2017

  • Enterprise Social Network - managed the day-to-day operations of the organization's enterprise social network, Synapse;  Company social influencer with the role of engaging employees to adopt company’s Twitter-like social network platform
  • Enterprise Social Media - managed the day-to-day operations of the company’s social media monitoring tool;  served as the gatekeeper and administrator of all social tools and networks
  • Enterprise Content Management - architected, project managed and launched three iterations of the Acorda iHub (BigTinCan), a content management tool designed to disseminate marketing, compliance, and company-related material to over 200+ Field Sales and Medical Affairs employees via iPad
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns - worked with cross-functional teams of marketers, creative agencies, medical, regulatory and legal people to ideate, plan and execute an internal digital marketing campaign designed to increase engagement amongst the Field Sales and Medical teams.